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Herbst: Die London Trilogie

I’m not the fastest writer, so committing to write a series rather than a standalone novel can be a gamble. I took a punt on writing new AUTUMN novels a few years back, and I was very happy with the…

Read an eBook Week 2024

Smashwords Read an eBook Week 2024

It’s the first full week of March, so that means it’s the annual READ AN EBOOK WEEK. Search for ‘read an eBook week’ on this site and you’ll find entries stretching back more than a decade explaining why I support…

Valentine’s Day

Straight to You audiobook by David Moody
If making that journey alone while the world falls apart around you isn't the grandest romantic gesture of all, then I don't know what is.

Black Country Book Con

Black Country Book Con 2024
I've been keen to get back out and about for some time, so I'm very excited to be attending the BLACK COUNTRY BOOK CON in Dudley on 23 March.

The Last Big Thing

The Last Big Thing by David Moody
THE LAST BIG THING - a collection of my favourite short stories with a gloriously scummy cover - was published 5 years ago today.

Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla in Tokyo November 2023
I've seen plenty of GODZILLA movies that I've enjoyed, but I've never been completely blown away by any of them. Until now.

Thirty years ago yesterday…

Straight to You audiobook by David Moody
I don't tend to make resolutions. It's always felt a bit weird that we should change our behaviours because of the position of the planet.