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CRAIG PATON and award-winning writer PHIL HARRIS have released LAKESIDE a 7 story horror comic book. You can download it now.


Synchronic movie
The BENSON and MOORHEAD films appeal to me because they do what I love most – drop ordinary folk into extraordinary situations.


A scene from ARCHIVE (2020)
My 99th film recommendation on this site is ARCHIVE (2020) - a really interesting science-fiction film with an incredible aesthetic.

In the Earth

In the Earth directed by Ben Wheatley
There's a good chance you won't enjoy IN THE EARTH. It might frustrate you, but isn't that how life sometimes just is?

Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried movie poster
DEAD AND BURIED is a claustrophobic and genuinely creepy tale about small town secrets. Part TWILIGHT ZONE, part NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.