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Shadowlocked by David Moody


Today's the day SHADOWLOCKED hits the shelves. This is a landmark book for me for all manner of personal reasons.
Longlegs movie poster

I am confused by Nicholas Cage

I’ve been to see a couple of Cage films in the last month. One was really good and the other really wasn’t.
Autumn: The Human Condition

Autumn: The Human Condition

I know it’s a bit self-indulgent to use publication anniversaries as an excuse to write about your own books, but there you go. I’ll use any excuse to post about my back catalogue. Today, because I somehow managed to miss…

The End We Start From

The End We Start From

The end of the world is the great leveller: no matter who or where we are, when the world ends we're all fucked.
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Spread the Infection

When I posted AUTUMN free online, I used to have the phrases SPREAD THE INFECTION and GET INFECTED plastered everywhere.

A Quiet Place: Day One

I hate watered down rehashes of profitable IPs. I was expecting A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE to be more of the same, but happily I was very wrong.
Papa's Bookshelf - Full service bookstore in Lincoln City, OR. New release, used, rare, discount, comic books, graphic novels and more.

Papa’s Bookshelf

An interview about bookselling with my friend Billy Reese - owner of Papa's Bookshelf in Lincoln City, Oregon.