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Thank you for your interest in my books!

I’ve made a career of giving books away and I’m keen to keep up the tradition.

You can download copies of THE COST OF LIVING and ISOLATION from the eBook retailers below. I’d also like to offer you a copy of SCRATCH (AND OTHER ITCHES).

SCRATCH is exclusive to members of my mailing list. As well as the apocalyptic title story, it also includes other shorts and a wealth of information about my books and other projects. Just enter your email address below and I’ll send a copy to you straightaway.

I promise not to fill your mailbox with spam and to only send you occasional emails when I have book or film news to share. You can unsubscribe at any time.

And yes, in case you were wondering, that’s me on the cover. I had a cameo in the movie adaption of AUTUMN… but that’s a whole other story!