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Biomass and Where’s Wally?

Two new connected AUTUMN stories for you today (and you definitely shouldn't read WHERE'S WALLY until you've read AUTUMN: EXODUS).

This is Horror podcast

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I spent a great couple of hours chatting with Michael David Wilson about his new book alongside our mutual buddy Dan Howarth.

Huge books and free fiction

Autumn: The London Trilogy - omnibus hardcover edition
The hardcover of THE LONDON TRILOGY omnibus is a beautiful lump of a book, coming in at 847 pages and weighing almost 2kg.

Direct Infected Books eBooks

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You can now buy eBook versions of my INFECTED BOOKS titles direct. They're the same as the versions you get elsewhere, but cheaper.

Plans for Autumn

Autumn: The Human Condition by David Moody
Last week saw the 10th anniversary of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION, a collection that brought together around forty AUTUMN short stories.