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This is Horror podcast

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I spent a great couple of hours chatting with Michael David Wilson about his new book alongside our mutual buddy Dan Howarth.

Escaping the Herd

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ESCAPING THE HERD - the penultimate article in my series of zombie-themed posts for THIS IS HORROR - is now available to read.

Evolution of the Dead

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My second THIS IS HORROR zombie column is now available. This month, I talk about the explosion in zombie-related books and films.

It’s 2023, not 2003

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Many people look down their noses at horror novels. A lot of folks consider zombie stories the lowest of the low. I think that's a mistake.

Joe and Me

Joe and Me by David Moody
When I first started writing the original AUTUMN novel back, I wasn't bothered what caused the infection that wiped out the human race.

Bird Box

Bird Box movie poster
Fast-forward a few years, and the Netflix movie adaptation of BIRD BOX is proving to be incredibly successful.