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It’s 2023, not 2003

To mark the release of AUTUMN: EXODUS and what is (probably) the end of the AUTUMN series, MICHAEL WILSON and BOB PASTORELLA, my THIS IS HORROR pals, invited me to write something for the site. That something quickly became four somethings – a series of columns looking at the past, present, and future of the living dead. Zombies get a bad deal, both in the books and films in which they feature, and also in the horror genre in general. Too many people look down their noses at horror novels, and having written in and around the genre for decades, I know that in a lot of people’s opinions, zombie stories are the lowest of the low. In these columns, I’ve argued why that’s a mistake.

You can read the first column – IT’S 2023, NOT 2003 – on the This is Horror site.