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New AUTUMN story – Symbiosis

Art from Autumn: The London Trilogy omnibus edition by Craig Paton
As promised, another new AUTUMN story has today been added to www.lastoftheliving.net. I'll be adding them weekly throughout October.


Autumn: Inferno by David Moody
I have a couple of weeks work left before I send AUTUMN: INFERNO to my editor, but I wanted to give you an update.

Coming next…

The Bleed: Armageddon by David Moody, Chris Philbrook, and Mark Tufo
Now that AUTUMN: DAWN has been out for the best part of a month, it's time to talk about what I'll be releasing next.

Look what I’ve got!

Autumn: Dawn by David Moody
AUTUMN: DAWN is an unabated, unforgiving onslaught of intensity that takes aim at both the light and dark side of humanity.