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Autumn: Exodus – release update

I need to let you know that the release plans for AUTUMN: EXODUS are changing. There have been some scheduling problems (my fault entirely) that have impacted getting the book ready for press. It’s an important release and I don’t want to rush it, so I’ve decided to put back publication slightly.

Autumn: Exodus by David Moody

The revised release plan is as follows:

  • Pre-orders will open in EARLY NOVEMBER
  • If you pre-order a signed copy of the book from Infected Books, you’ll be able to download a complementary ebook copy IMMEDIATELY
  • As with the other books in the series, EXODUS will be available as a strictly limited edition hardcover with bonus material
  • Signed paperbacks and limited edition hardcovers will ship from EARLY DECEMBER
  • The eBook, print, and audiobook versions will go on general release to the public on TUESDAY 10 JANUARY 2023.

I know this might be a disappointment, but I’m committed on delivering the absolute best book I can, and that means not cutting any corners. A few extra weeks will make all the difference. As you might recall, some unexpected personal issues at the beginning of this year meant that I couldn’t give the release of AUTUMN: INFERNO my full attention. I’m very proud of the way the LONDON TRILOGY has turned out, and I want to give the final part of the story the release I think it deserves. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

If you still need to catch up with the new trilogy, bundled paperbacks are now shipping from Infected Books and Etsy. I still have just a few copies of the limited edition of AUTUMN: INFERNO if you’re quick. Click here for details.