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Alex Garland's Civil War

Civil War

All credit to ALEX GARLAND for creating an intelligent, thought-provoking movie that steers a path through today's political chaos.
Autumn: Dawn by David Moody

The World’s Worst Salesman

Okay, I'm probably not the worst, but it's not something I enjoy. Giving free books away has always been an important part of my approach.

Late Night with the Devil

This week's movie recommendation is the wildly entertaining (and technically brilliant) faux TV broadcast LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL.

Herbst: Die London Trilogie

I’m not the fastest writer, so committing to write a series rather than a standalone novel can be a gamble. I took a punt on writing new AUTUMN novels a few years back, and I was very happy with the…

Bunny and the Bull

BUNNY AND THE BULL is the 2009 feature debut of PAUL KING, director of THE MIGHTY BOOSH and the superb PADDINGTON films.
Smashwords Read an eBook Week 2024

Read an eBook Week 2024

It’s the first full week of March, so that means it’s the annual READ AN EBOOK WEEK. Search for ‘read an eBook week’ on this site and you’ll find entries stretching back more than a decade explaining why I support…

Shadowlocked logo


I'd like to tell you a bit about SHADOWLOCKED, my next novel (and quite a departure for me) which will be released on 20 May.
Straight to You audiobook by David Moody

Valentine’s Day

If making that journey alone while the world falls apart around you isn't the grandest romantic gesture of all, then I don't know what is.