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The Cost of Living by David Moody

The Cost of Living

I was in a bad place ten years ago. One of the ways I dug myself out of the hole I'd fallen into was by writing stories with freedom.
The Invisible Man in the 1933 movie adaptation of the H G Wells novel.

Invisible People

If we’re honest, I bet at one time or another we’ve all imagined what it would be like to be able to roam around invisible.
Shadowlocked by David Moody


Today's the day SHADOWLOCKED hits the shelves. This is a landmark book for me for all manner of personal reasons.
Shadowlocked by David Moody - audiobook narrated by Aubrey Parsons.

Shadowlocked – one week to go

With one week to go before SHADOWLOCKED is published, I realised I hadn't spent much time telling you what it's about.
Shadowlocked by David Moody

Shadowlocked – excerpt

A little over three weeks to go before SHADOWLOCKED is released. I thought I'd share an excerpt from (almost) the beginning of the book.
Shadowlocked by David Moody


I'm pleased to announce that my new novel - SHADOWLOCKED - will be released at the end of May. Pre-order from IB, and you can read it now.