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The Value of Nothing

SPREAD THE INFECTION! I'm repeating a 20 year-old experiment, and giving the first book in the new AUTUMN trilogy away free.

The Living Dead

My relationship with the films of GEORGE ROMERO is a complicated one. There's no question that his DEAD films were life- and career-changing.

Film Recommendation – XTRO

XTRO - a cocooned woman giving birth to eggs over a bathtub, an alien with inverted joints, and a full-size Action Man on the rampage

Blowing my own Trumpet

I've had a few conversations recently with folks who've just started online businesses, and it's made me realise how far the bookstore side of INFECTED BOOKS has come over the last couple of decades. I wanted to give it an overdue plug.


I have too many ideas and not enough time. Each month, I'll be posting an original short story or novella. This is 12STORIES.