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The Last Big Thing

My collection THE LAST BIG THING turns 5 years old today, so I thought I’d give it a plug. It’s a mix of reprints and specially written stories that rank among some of the best short stories I think I’ve written. It includes BIG MAN (which I mentioned in my GODZILLA post last week), and it’s currently the only place you can find EVERYTHING AND NOTHING, my sole HATER short story, in print. It’s also got one of my favourite CRAIG PATON cover designs, part of which you can see in all it’s scummy glory below. For the full effect, check out the hardcover edition.

The Last Big Thing by David Moody

THE LAST BIG THING is available in paperback, hardcover, and as a very reasonably priced eBook.

The collection is rounded out with the title track (for want of a better phrase). The novella THE LAST BIG THING is, I think, one of the best things I’ve written. I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t read it. if you’re interested, though, it was inspired by this: