SCREAM issue 29

cover29-211x300There are a number of upcoming movies I’ve got my eyes on, and several of them are featured in this month’s issue of SCREAM magazine. MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT is an unnecessary (but intriguing) sequel to Gareth Edwards’ superb 2010 MONSTERS, and IT FOLLOWS just sounds phenomenal. The directors of both movies are interviewed in an issue which also includes features on Eli Roth’s CLOWN, the history of Italian zombie movies, and a retrospective piece on Robin Hardy’s seminal THE WICKER MAN.

Yes, I pimp it every month, and yes, I know the folks behind it, but I have a huge amount of time and respect for SCREAM magazine and I urge you to grab a copy. Visit, or pick up the magazine from any branch of HMV, Forbidden Planet, or any of the newsagents listed here. SCREAM is also available digitally as iSCREAM!

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