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How to Make a Horror Movie and Survive

How to Make a Horror Movie and Survive by Craig DiLouie

Congratulations to my friend CRAIG DILOUIE on the release of his new novel, HOW TO MAKE A HORROR MOVIE AND SURVIVE. I had the privilege of reading an advance copy and, as you’d expect, it’s a very entertaining read. Different in tone to Craig’s other books, it’s a twisted love letter to the kind of wild, gore- and death-filled horror movies I grew up with.

Horror isn’t horror unless it’s real.

Max Maurey should be on top of the world. He’s a famous horror director. Actors love him. Hollywood needs him. He’s making money hand over fist. But it’s the 80s, and he’s directing cheap slashers for audiences who only crave more blood, not real art. Not real horror. And Max’s slimy producer refuses to fund any of his new ideas.

Sally Priest dreams of being the Final Girl. She knows she’s got what it takes to score the lead role, even if she’s only been cast in small parts so far. When Sally meets Max at his latest wrap party, she sets out to impress him and prove her scream queen prowess.

But when Max discovers an old camera that filmed a very real Hollywood horror, he knows that he has to use this camera for his next movie. The only problem is that it came with a cryptic warning and sometimes wails.

By the time Max discovers the true evil lying within, he’s already dead set on finishing the scariest movie ever put to film, and like it or not, it’s Sally’s time to shine as the Final Girl.

A blast of blood and guts and nostalgia, HOW TO MAKE A HORROR MOVIE AND SURVIVE is out now. Grab a copy from Amazon.