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Reflections on The Fang

Black Fang Betrayal

Cast your minds back to the beginning of September when I talked about THE BLACK FANG BETRAYAL, a collaborative novel produced by James Thorn and written by Thorn, TW Brown, Michaelbrent Collings, Mainak Dhar, J.C. Eggleton, Glynn James, Stephen Knight, T.W. Piperbrook, J.R. Rain, and myself. Full details can be found at this link.

Working on the book was an unusual experience to say the least, and I recently wrote a guest post about it for Thorn’s blog. You can read the piece here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed THE BLACK FANG BETRAYAL if you’ve read it. It seems to have really gone down well with a lot of people around the world. It was a unique concept which I really enjoyed being a part of. Thanks again to James and the other writers involved.