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Happy New Year!

Strangers by David Moody

Happy New Year to you all. I thought I’d kick off 2015 with a quick look back at my 2014 releases (just in case you missed any), and a peek at my plans for 2015. Despite being a pig of…

The Girl in the Basement

The Girl in the Basement by Wayne Simmons

I’ve a surprise Infected Books release to tell you about today – but it’s not something I’ve written. Instead, I’m delighted to welcome Wayne Simmons to the Infected Books fold with his nasty little ebook short: THE GIRL IN THE…

The future of Infected Books

Infected Books logo

So, a while back I promised to explain what was happening with Infected Books. You might recall that, sometime around the middle of last month, after clearing a lot of my shelves and stocks of books, I shuttered the website (which had…