SCREAM issue 37

Once again SCREAM magazine continues to float my horror boat. I mentioned previously about my ongoing mission to school my kids in the history of horror movies – one of the films I forced them to watch watched with them recently was the original OMEN movie from 1976. It’s stood the test of time reasonably well, and is far better viewing than the sequels, the remake, or the short lived TV series. There’s a great feature about the making of the film in the new issue of SCREAM, alongside an interview with Robert Picardo, star of THE HOWLING.

But the piece which really caught my eye this issue was an article about PALACE HORROR. I doubt many people remember this label and its distinctive-looking day-glo VHS covers, but they were a pivotal part of my horror education. Once the UK had managed to get over the video nasty debacle of the 1980’s, collecting horror on VHS was a hobby that many of my friends and I indulged in. Palace released some great movies at the time, and I clearly remember hunting down each new release at the Virgin megastore or HMV back in the day.


Thanks for reviving the memories, SCREAM. To get your hands on a copy, visit You can also pick up the magazine from any branch of HMVForbidden Planet, or any of the newsagents listed here. SCREAM is also available digitally as iSCREAM. You can also follow SCREAM on Facebook and Twitter @ScreamHorrorMag.

SCREAM Magazine – issue 26 now available

cover-261-208x300Time for my regular plug for one of my favourite magazines. SCREAM issue 26 is now available and, as usual, it’s packed with some great stuff. Highlights this issue include an excellent piece on the video nasty furore which swept the UK in the early 1980s, a couple of Walking Dead interviews, a feature about the horror movies of Vincent Price, and a look back at Army of Darkness written by a member of the crew who worked on the movie.

You can get hold of a copy from the website. UK readers can find the magazine at all branches of HMV and Forbidden Planet, or from any of the newsagents listed here. SCREAM is also now available digitally with the launch of the cunningly titled iSCREAM! Click here to find out more.