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Book five

A band of refugees has taken shelter in a medieval castle – a fortress that has stood strong for hundreds of years. They are the last of the living. Besieged by the dead, they only emerge when it’s absolutely necessary. As autumn turns to winter, however, the balance of power slowly begins to shift.

The unexpected appearance of survivors from another group changes everything. They bring choice, and an alternative way of life which is a far cry from the world everyone has been forced to leave behind. Society as we know it has crumbled beyond repair and things will never be the same again. Some people are ready to embrace this change, others can’t let go of the past. The choice is divisive.Are we entering mankind’s final days? In the aftermath of the disease, will the last survivors destroy each other, or will the dead destroy them all?

“As demonstrated throughout his previous novels, readers should crown Moody king of the zombie horror novel, and his final book in the AUTUMN series adds a much-deserved jewel to his crown.” —Booklist


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