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The Things We Can’t Do Anymore

My 12STORIES project is taking me in loads of different directions. I’ve really enjoyed switching off from all my other projects each month, picking a theme, then writing about it. I don’t know if people have been enjoying these stories, but writing them has been an invaluable experience.

Quite often they’ve had a personal aspect. That’s certainly true of this month’s story, which is about getting older and looking back.

Yesterday I took a walk around a park over the road from where we used to live. The kids and I used to walk the dog there regularly, but I hadn’t been back for a decade or more. It was wonderful to see the place again, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a little sadness there too. The girls were so little, Deefa the dog is long gone, and we’ve all moved on and changed enormously. Life is great today, but it was great then, too. This story is about the emotions of looking back and looking forward, and thinking about THE THINGS WE CAN’T DO ANYMORE.

The Leasowes in Halesowen