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The Human Condition – new free fiction now available

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally added some new free fiction to www.lastoftheliving.net. It’s part one of THE HUMAN CONDITION – the novella from which this book originally took its name.

Later this month I’ll start telling you more about AUTUMN: AFTERMATH, the final book in the AUTUMN series. In the run up to the novel’s US release in March, there will also be more free fiction appearing. For those of you who read AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION first time around, you might have noticed that a couple of stories are still missing from www.lastoftheliving.net. You’ll find out why when you learn more about AFTERMATH…

Until then, come back next week for the concluding part of THE HUMAN CONDITION, and check back again later this week for more ISOLATION news.

Autumn: Aftermath by David Moody