Moody’s Zombie Survival Guide in SciFiNow

The latest issue of SCIFINOW MAGAZINE (issue 61, cover pictured opposite) is a cracker. As well as all the usual genre features, reviews and interviews, there’s also a storming review of THEM OR US (a tour de force of a story that skirts around the worst excesses and cliche of the genre to offer up something as distinctive as a fresh bite-mark), and my personal guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse. It’s a great double-page feature that looks at the pros and cons of some of the places you might find yourself when the dead rise (and, as we all know, they inevitably will!).

I had a huge amount of fun writing the piece, although it made me realise that I’ve spent far too much time thinking about the living dead over the years! Why not pick up a copy and see if you agree with my tactics?

Quick update

Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of HATER this week. Here’s a very quick round-up of a few bits of news.

I took part in the Page 69 test – click here for the results!

I’ve added a new page to this site for press clippings. You can access it from the sidebar or click here.

New reviews have been added to this page. Also, you can access these via the RSS feed in the sidebar.

Finally, you can now read chapter 4 of HATER at various sites around the web; and Fangoria to name but two!