I get a lot of emails, and a lot of them ask the same things. Rather than have to wait for ages to get an answer from me (it’s like getting blood out of a stone sometimes) I’ve set up this page to answer the most common questions I get.

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What’s the latest with the movie?

The HATER movie is in active development. More information can be found here.

Updated: 2 June 2018

How many books make up the HATER series?

The series is comprised of two trilogies. The first includes HATER, DOG BLOOD and THEM OR US. The second trilogy – THE FINAL WAR – takes place in and around the first. ONE OF US WILL BE DEAD BY MORNING was followed by ALL ROADS END HERE and CHOKEHOLD.

Updated: 4 March 2020

Are there audio books of the HATER series?

Yes. Audio adaptations of all six novels, read by Gerard Doyle, are available. CD, MP3 CD, cassette and Playaway editions are available. You can also download them from Audible.com and iTunes.

Updated: 4 March 2020

When will the AUTUMN books be released in my country?

  • Germany – all books now available
  • Italy – Autumn, l’attaco dei Morte Viventi (Autumn) available now
  • Spain – Septiembre Zombie (Autumn), Ciudad Zombie (The City), and Zona Zombie (Purification) are available now
  • UK – all books now available
  • US – all books now available

Updated: 25 July 2016

How many books are in the series?

Seven. Soon to be nine.

    • AUTUMN: INFERNO (2022)
    • AUTUMN: EXODUS (2022)

Updated: 27 October 2021


A completely separate trilogy of books which take place in the AUTUMN universe. There’s no cross-over with the original novels.

Updated: 27 October 2021


THE HUMAN CONDITION is a collection of short stories and novellas set in and around the AUTUMN world. Many of these stories are now available free via www.lastoftheliving.net. An expanded edition of the book, fully re-edited and containing an additional 40,000 words of content is now available from Infected Books.

Updated: 21 June 2013

In which order should the books be read?

As per the previous answers. THE HUMAN CONDITION is a collection of short stories, and THE LONDON TRILOGY is a separate series set in the same AUTUMN world.

Updated: 27 October 2021

How do I get to see the movie?

The AUTUMN movie is available on DVD in a number of different countries (listed below). You can also get the film via VOD (iTunes, Amazon.com etc.), and in the UK it’s regularly shown on the Horror Channel (Sky channel 319, Virgin 149 and Freesat 138).

  • France  (Autumn: Fin Du Monde)
  • Germany (Autumn of the Living Dead, re-released as – I kid you not – The Dead Walk)
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • Russia (Ideal Virus)
  • Thailand
  • UK
  • US

Updated: 17 September 2013

Where’s the free download?

Following the acquisition of the AUTUMN series by Thomas Dunne Books, the free download of AUTUMN was discontinued. Hey… don’t shout at me – it was available for more than 5 years and in excess of half a million people downloaded it!

Updated: 2 February 2009


AUTUMN: ECHOES was a collection of brief stories which explained the background of some of the supporting characters from the AUTUMN novels. They also formed a part of THE HUMAN CONDITION (see earlier answer). These stories and more are available free online at www.lastoftheliving.net.

Updated: 20 May 2012

Will there be audio adaptations of the books?

AUTUMN: DAWN is available now, and the other books in THE LONDON TRILOGY will follow in due course. I’m working to try and get audiobooks of the original series produced. You can still listen to Darker Projects excellent free dramatization of the first AUTUMN book. Click here to listen.

Updated: 20 May 2012

What is THE FRONT, and what part did you write?

THE FRONT is a World War II zombie series conceived by Timothy W. Long and Craig DiLouie. I wrote the second book in the series, RED DEVILS.

Updated: 15 February 2017

Will you blurb/critique/edit my book for me?

Sorry, no. I refuse to blurb or critique anything without reading the whole piece of work, and I just don’t have the time to do that right now. Please don’t email your work to me at this moment in time. Thanks. If the position changes in future, I’ll update this answer.

Updated: 17 July 2013

What’s happening with ISOLATION?

ISOLATION has stalled. Unfortunately, as is often the way with these labour of love projects (i.e. projects where there’s no cash involved and everyone’s working for free), they have to take second place to other contractual obligations. And there are too many contractual obligations right now… You can, however, read a novella adaptation of the original screenplay which is now available as part of LAST OF THE LIVING.

Updated: 28 September 2014

Can I get THE COST OF LIVING and ISOLATION in print?

Yes. Both novellas (and all of their associated short stories) are available in a paperback collection called LAST OF THE LIVING. Click here for more information.

Updated: 28 September 2014

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Updated: 2 June 2018

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