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A rare sighting of the AUTUMN movie

You probably know that a film adaptation of AUTUMN was released back in 2008. I’ve written a fair amount about it over the years, most recently here. I stand by what I said last time – it has major flaws, but I really enjoyed watching the movie and I’m glad it was made.

As I said in my footnote to the piece I wrote about the movie back in 2018, the producers and I haven’t received a penny of the profits from the distributor. You won’t be surprised to hear that’s still the case. For that reason I’ve always felt reluctant to promote the film, but I know there are lots of folks who still want to see it (for better or for worse). Anyway, it seems to have appeared to rent on AMAZON.COM (sorry, US only, it seems). Apparently, it’s also available to watch on CONtv (whatever that is).

I haven’t given up hope of one day seeing a big-budget adaptation of the books on screen (or one of THE LONDON TRILOGY – imagine that!). For now, though, settle back and enjoy the original AUTUMN movie in all its low-budget glory. As I said back in 2018, it was made by some of the nicest folks I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and everyone involved gave 100% to the project.