Happy Holidays (and Christmas Zombies!)

Hello! Long time no post! You might have noticed the lack of updates here over the last couple of weeks. After the madness of November (lots of book releases and events etc.), I ended up taking a very definite step back to survey the landscape. 2011 has been a phenomenal year and now, almost at the end of it, I find myself in a position I haven’t been in for a while. All my contracted books have been delivered and I’m taking my time deciding what to do next. It’s a good feeling – quite liberating, actually. The last five years (and in particular the last three) have been pretty full-on. It’s been HATER and AUTUMN all the way, and I’m ready for a change of direction. I’ll tell you more about my plans in early 2012.

But just looking back over 2011 for a moment, I’m amazed how many releases I managed to chalk up: In the US, AUTUMN: THE CITY, AUTUMN: PURIFICATION, AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION and THEM OR US were all released, along with the mass-market edition of DOG BLOOD. It was the same in the UK, along with a mass-market edition of AUTUMN as well. Elsewhere, SEPTIEMBRE ZOMBIE and CIUDAD ZOMBIE were released in Spain, and translations of HATER appeared in Romania, Japan and Italy. Oh, and there was THE MONSTER’S CORNER anthology, and my story for the recent SFX ZOMBIE SPECIAL. See what I mean? It’s been a busy year! And that’s before I start talking about the events and signings and interviews and meetings and website launches etc. etc. 2011 has been a blast, and thanks to everyone who has been a part of it.

This won’t be my last post of the year, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas. Whatever you celebrate, wherever you are, have fun! I’ll leave you with a festive treat. Remember back in October when Wayne Simmons, Jasper Bark and I ended up holed-up in Leicester, surrounded by zombies, discussing our love for the genre and our favoured survival techniques? Well here’s the video evidence.

It’s very tongue in cheek and everyone had a huge amount of fun on the day. Thanks to Vince, Adele, and all involved with Un:Bound Video Editions.

Brain eating, book signings and Wicker Trees

As I mentioned in my post last Friday, I had a lot planned for the weekend just gone. Some thankyous are now in order…

Thanks to Adele, Vince and the rest of the UN:BOUND team for organising a thoroughly enjoyable zombie shoot on Saturday. You’ll get to see their full video next month, but for now here’s a brief teaser:

[youtube E8ye1tDOTpA nolink]

Thanks also to fellow authors Wayne Simmons and Jasper Bark for being such great sports, and to all the volunteer zombies who showed up on the day. And a special mention to Jenny Jackson for her stunning makeup work.

On Sunday, my annual pilgrimage to the Grimm Up North festival was the best yet. Apart from being able to watch THE DEAD (more about that later in the week), and talk about zombies in front of a large and appreciative audience, I was also lucky enough to meet director Robin Hardy (THE WICKER MAN) and take in a showing of his new movie THE WICKER TREE.

Thanks to Sim, Rachel, Steve, Laura and everyone else involved with Grimm for their hospitality and tireless enthusiasm. Maybe I’ll be able to introduce a Moody movie myself there next year (but that’s a story for another blog post…)

A weekend full of corpses…

Well it’s going to be death and destruction all the way this weekend, and you could be there!

Tomorrow I’ll be filming with Un:Bound in Leicester along with Wayne Simmons and Jasper Bark. We’re looking for volunteer zombies, so if you’re in the Midlands and you fancy playing dead, please come along to Phoenix Square at noon. There will also be book signings etc. More details can be found here and here.

On Sunday, Wayne and I will also be at Grimm Up North (AMC Deansgate, Manchester) for a screening of the Ford Brothers’ Africa-based zombie movie THE DEAD. After the screening, we’ll be signing books, answering questions, and discussing zombies in general (as usual!).

Hope to see a few of you there!

Zombies wanted – Leicester (UK) 8th October

On Saturday 8th October there will be a zombie apocalypse in Leicester. Yes, this is the same Leicester which hit the headlines earlier this year when it became clear the local council had no provisions for dealing with the aftermath of the dead rising. Some people, eh?

Okay, it’s not going to be a real zombie apocalypse (more’s the pity), it’s an event being arranged by Un:Bound. They’re staging (and filming) a zombie attack on the Phoenix arts centre which will involve several zombie authors (myself, Wayne Simmons and Jasper Bark) discussing how to survive the undead scourge. There will also be signings, interviews etc. etc. Vast crowds of the living dead will be required!

Un:Bound are looking for volunteer zombies. Anyone interested should be at the Phoenix for midday (and if you can do your own zombie make-up, so much the better). Also, if any of you are zombie make-up experts who would be willing to help on the day, please click here and drop me a line.

And here’s a quick update from the organisers: “And we need screaming victims, be a zombie, talk your other half into being a victim and you can bite them on film without being called a perv (am I selling this wrong?)”

SFX Weekender and Leicester signing report

Well that was an excellent weekend, if a little hectic. I wanted to thank everyone who made both the SFX Weekender and yesterday’s signing at Waterstone’s Leicester Highcross such successful events.

The Weekender was much improved from last year’s inaugural event, and congratulations to the SFX team for putting it together. The highlight for me was the panel I took part in with (from right to left below) Al Ewing (of 2000 AD fame), Sarah Pinborough, moderator Rob from SFX, Kevin J Anderson (author of countless Star Wars, X-Files and Dune books amongst others) and Wayne Simmons. We talked about ‘what scares us in the 21st Century’ in front of a very receptive audience.

David Moody, Wayne Simmons, Kevin J Anderson, Rob from SFX, Sarah Pinborough and Al Ewing at the SFX Weekender 2011

Special thanks are also due to Ben Aaronovitch (currently riding high in the UK bestsellers chart with his new book, Rivers of London) for drawing the short straw and sharing a chalet with Wayne and I.

After a six hour drive home (stopping en route to hassle staff in various branches of Waterstone’s and sign their copies of our respective books), an evening spent watching zombie shorts (have you seen the excellent I Love Sarah Jane?), a few hours sleep, and a ten mile cross country running race (told you it was a hectic weekend), Wayne and I arrived in Leicester for our joint signing at the Waterstone’s Highcross branch.


What a great event. It was extremely cool to meet so many folks (many of whom are members of Moody’s Survivors), and I wanted to thank everyone who came. Particular thanks are due to the ever awesome Steven Caunt for hosting the signing, and to Adele from Un:Bound for covering the event and taking pictures. You can read what she had to say here.

A final few thank you’s: to Wayne for being great company throughout the weekend (congratulations also on surviving a day with my kids!), to Jami Stroka for the T-shirt I wore for the signing, and finally, thanks to Aaron Rayner for the gift shown in the photo opposite. If you read my guest post on Wayne’s site last week, you’ll know how pleased I was to get that!


I’ve been doing a lot of interviews recently, and have several more scheduled over the coming weeks. Please follow me on Twitter (davidjmoody) or ‘like’ me on Facebook to keep up to date when interviews and reviews are published.

If you’ve missed them, why not check out the interviews I did with Un:Bound and Flames Rising (with thanks to Adele and Eric respectively for the great questions!).

Finally for now, tune into  www.hardrockradiolive.com between 7pm and 10pm UK time tomorrow (Thursday 16th December) to hear me in conversation on the DJ Hellyeah show.

Signings round up

I’ve had a blast over the last couple of weeks getting out and about. I usually spend too much time sat in front of this computer, so it’s been great actually getting out and meeting people again! With three more AUTUMN novels and the final book in the HATER series out in 2011, I’m planning to arrange many more events like these. If you want me to come visit your neck of the woods, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do!

There’s a slideshow below (if you really want to see a series of photos of an angry looking bald man and some books), but I wanted to share some of the best bits with you. Firstly, it was brilliant to finally meet some of the folks I’d only ever spoken to by email before: Dawn, Peter, Ryan, Will, Scott, Clym (one of the stars of the Darker Projects adaptation of Autumn no less!), Richard from Scream Magazine and many others.

Grimm up North was a success again this year in its new venue (The Dancehouse theatre, Manchester). The Adaptations panel was particularly good fun when I shared the stage with Conrad Williams (author of the superb One), and genre favourites Christopher Priest and Ramsey Campbell. But for me, my evening with Wayne Simmons at No Alibis in Belfast was the undoubted highlight of the week.

No Alibis is a fantastic little independent bookstore in the Botanic area of Belfast. They specialise in Crime and our event was their first (but hopefully not the last) foray into horror. It was an exceptionally cool evening as Wayne and I read from our books then discussed our writing and the differences and similarities between our approaches to the living dead in front of a really appreciative audience. A wonderful night.


Every stop on my brief mini-tour of the UK was fantastic, and I want to thank everyone who helped put the events together: Emily at Waterstone’s Oxford Street, Sim, Steve and the team from Grimm Up North, Steven at Waterstone’s Leicester (bookseller extraordinaire and part time zombie construction worker), Adele from Un:Bound (read Un:Bound’s coverage of the Leicester signing here), Wayne and Rebecca, Dave at No Alibis, and Mark and Adam at Waterstone’s Colchester. And thanks too to everyone who came out to say hello.