More nice press and more Babel Clashing…

If you haven’t been following the blogs Jonathan Maberry and I have been posting over at Babel Clash – the Borders Sci-fi blog – then please head on over and check them out. It’s been a lot of fun, and we’ve covered quite a lot:

  • So You Want to be a Writer? / So You Want to Write Horror?
  • Where was that Stormtrooper going?
  • Characters or Carnage?
  • Seriously… You Write About Zombies?

…and more.

On another note, there has been a lot about the impact of self-publishing in the press recently. As well as last Friday’s Guardian article, I was also really pleased to get a mention in the new edition of SFX as part of an interesting piece which asks ‘are we witnessing the death of the book?’. It’s well worth looking at, for both readers and writers alike.