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Strangers by David Moody
Pre-orders are now open for David Moody's new novel STRANGERS, which will be released 1 December 2014 through Infected Books.

What’s next?

The cover of Straight to You (2014 version) by David Moody
Since STRAIGHT TO YOU was released, a lot of people have been asking what's next. That's a difficult one to answer.

Goodbye djmoody.co.uk (hello davidmoody.net)

Autumn: The Human Condition by David Moody

Same content really, just given a fresh coat of paint and a better address in readiness for the new books (and more regular updates) which will soon be forthcoming. I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know how the…

Power to the People

I’ve been relatively quiet (for me) while I've working on a number of projects which should see the light of day over the next year or so.