The Monster’s Corner – out today

Just think about some of the classic horror monsters you remember: Frankenstein’s creation, Seth Brundle in Cronenberg’s The Fly, The Amazing Colossal Man, pretty much every zombie ever, little Eli the 11 year old vampire in Let the Right One In… what do they all have in common? I’ll tell you – they didn’t want to be monsters. They were accidental bad guys/girls: not killers, just misunderstood! Isn’t it about time we started looking at things from the monster’s perspective?

Today sees the release of THE MONSTER’S CORNER from St. Martin’s Press. It’s a great book, and I’m proud to be a part of it. A UK edition (pictured) is also available today from Piatkus Books.

The Monster’s Corner – in stores 27th September

THE MONSTER’S CORNER – a collection of 20 brand new stories (which features “BIG MAN” – my homage to The Amazing Colossal Man) – is released next month. St Martin’s Press are giving away 40 COPIES of the book (US residents only, I’m afraid), and you can enter the sweepstakes by clicking here.

You can find out much more about the collection and sample a couple of the tales by clicking this link and visiting St Martin’s Press on Facebook. In the meantime, here’s a brief intro and a reminder of the spectacular cover art.

In most stories we get the perspective of the hero, the ordinary, the everyman, but we are all the hero of our own tale, and so it must be true for legions of monsters, from Lucifer to Mordred, from child-thieving fairies to Frankenstein’s monster and the Wicked Witch of the West. From our point of view, they may very well be horrible, terrifying monstrosities, but of course they won’t see themselves in the same light, and their point of view is what concerns us in these tales. Demons and goblins, dark gods and aliens, creatures of myth and legend, lurkers in darkness and beasts in human clothing…these are the subjects of The Monster’s Corner. With contributions by Lauren Groff, Chelsea Cain, Simon R. Green, Sharyn McCrumb, Kelley Armstrong, David Liss, Kevin J. Anderson, Jonathan Maberry, and many others.

New edition of HATER and the first DOG BLOOD reviews

The US mass-market paperback edition of HATER is now available. If you’d prefer to get your hands on a hardback and you don’t yet have a copy, shoot over to where it’s currently on offer for an incredibly low $8.78 – a 60% saving!

I’ll be launching a new HATER website very soon, and the ‘Projekt’ you might have heard me talking about will finally be revealed. In the meantime, here’s a photograph (courtesy of Gavin Brogan) to whet your appetite…

And finally… the publisher’s advance mailing has begun and the first reviews of DOG BLOOD are starting to appear. I wouldn’t recommend reading them if you haven’t read HATER, but for those of you who have…

  • A Will to Act
  • Alternative Worlds