Name the Domain – a Christmas competition!

I’ve been promising it for a while now, but the new AUTUMN website is finally almost here. Some great artwork has already been submitted with more on the way (click here for a reminder of how to get infected involved).

As well as providing masses of information about the books, the characters, the film, the audio adaptation, etc. etc., the site will also be home to a huge amount of free zombie fiction – over 120,000 words at the last count. Much of it will have been available previously as part of Autumn: The Human Condition, but there will also be plenty of brand new material to keep you going between releases next year.

There’s just one thing missing from the site right now, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to run a final competition for 2010. I want you to suggest a domain name. The previous AUTUMN site was, but I’ve got plans to use that for something else now (more about that later). I’m looking for a catchy domain name which encapsulates the themes of the books: think of phrases like ‘spread the infection’, ‘slow decay’, ‘the end of everything’… you get the idea.

Use the form below or email your suggestion to (either before the end of the year or when the site goes live – whichever happens sooner). The person who comes up with the best idea (in my opinion), will win a rare copy of the US advance readers edition of AUTUMN, and a copy of the UK DVD of the movie, both signed. The DVD is region free, so you can watch it anywhere in the world.

Good luck! Enter as many times as you like from wherever you are in the world. As always with my competitions, my decision is final.

Updated 1st January 2011 – competition now closed!

Spread the Infection – the AUTUMN books are coming back!

Those of you who caught the AUTUMN books first time around will probably remember my ‘Spread the Infection’ tagline. I used it for years, and I’m sure it was responsible to some degree for the book’s journey from free pdf to half a million downloads, a movie, an audio adaptation, and now mainstream publication.

They’ve been unavailable for far too long, but the re-release of the AUTUMN series is close at hand. The first book is out in late October (US and UK – click the covers for information, Spain and Germany – you already have it!), and books two, three and four will be following in quick succession throughout 2011.

I’ll be able to give you more details about the release very soon. In the meantime, I wanted to ask a couple of favours…

First off, I want your memories of AUTUMN first time around for some articles I’m putting together. I’ve had emails from people who were freaked out reading the free download while working alone on the night shift, others who printed the pdf off and read it in class… please let me know how you found out about the series. Also, if you were involved in the book in any way and we haven’t spoken for a while (I’ve particularly been trying to get hold of Dave Joseph who created the face on the original cover if anyone can help), then please get in touch.

Secondly, I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me ‘Spread the Infection’ again. Follow me on Facebook, Friend Feed or Twitter, sign up for the newsletter (see sidebar), and invite your friends to do the same…

There’s going to be a lot going on with the accelerated re-release of the novels – including plenty of free fiction and much more – and there will be many opportunities to get involved so I’d like as many people as possible to know!

Thanks! More very soon!