SFX special – Zombies: the Ultimate Guide – out today

The SFX Zombie Special which features all manner of zombie goodness (including Muriel – a brand new short story I wrote especially for the mag) is out today.

As well as Muriel and 3 free gifts (including a giant Walking Dead poster), the special also includes interviews with George Romero, Tom Savini, Greg Nicotero, John Russo, Mira Grant, Max Brooks, Charlie Higson and myself; features on Return of the Living Dead, season 2 of The Walking Dead, Italian zombie movies, and zombie merchandise and video games; a countdown of the most influential 66 zombie films of all time and a look ahead to zombie books and movies coming in 2012; advice on surviving the zombie apocalypse and more. Click here to order a copy.

Starting today, SFX are also giving away zombie books every Monday to Friday for the next three weeks. Today you could get your hands on copies of Autumn and Autumn: The City. All you have to do is tweet about the zombie special. Make sure your tweet includes the words Zombies: The Ultimate Guide and this link: http://bit.ly/SFXZombie. Find out more at this link.

SFX Zombie Special (and who the hell is Muriel?)

I’ve been waiting to talk about this for ages, and as it’s now been announced on the SFX website, I guess I finally can!

On 26th September SFX release their latest special issue – ZOMBIES: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE. Now any self-respecting zombie fan should immediately click here to order a copy, but if you like my writing (and as you’re on my website, I’m hoping you do), there’s another good reason to pick it up. As well as a huge number of zombie-related features, articles, reviews, and interviews (with George Romero, Charlie Higson, Mira Grant and myself amongst others), the magazine also features MURIEL – a brand new piece of original zombie fiction I’ve written exclusively for SFX.

So there you go… 132 pages of zombie goodness, free ‘zombie hazard’ stickers, a huge double-sided poster, and a new David Moody short story. Sounds pretty good, I think!