5 reasons why zombies (still) scare the heck out of me

I’ve just posted my first entry over at Babel Clash – the Borders Scifi blog. It’s about zombies (wouldn’t you know) and why they scare me as much today as they did 25+ years ago when I first watched Night of the Living Dead. Please click here to check it out, and feel free to add to the conversation – it would be great to hear what you think it is about zombies that scares the heck out of so many of us. While you’re there, check out Jonathan Maberry’s post from yesterday about the horror books and movies which have inspired him.

It’s been a busy day today. I’m working flat out on AUTUMN: AFTERMATH right now, but I took time out this afternoon to speak to Ian Berriman from SFX magazine. Ian interviewed me for their forthcoming zombie special (on sale in September). I’ll tell you more about that nearer the time. I think you’ll like what they’ve got planned…

Issue 5 of Scream MagazineAnd in other news, the postman delivered issue #5 of SCREAM magazine (with some great features including interviews with Doug Bradley – Pin Head from Hellraiser, and Frank Henenlotter – director of Basket Case, Frankenhooker and various other cult movies I loved watching on VHS back in the day).

And finally, this morning I was asked to blurb the final volume in a hugely popular trilogy of zombie novels. It’s a book many of us thought might never see the light of day, and one I know many of you are looking forward to. Can’t wait to get into that!

Please check out the Babel Clash blog, and come back here tomorrow when another free AUTUMN short will be going online.

Back from the SFX Weekender…

…and what a great event it was too. Congratulations to the SFX team for making it happen. Here’s a photograph (with thanks to James Brown) of the Gollancz panel in full flow:

From right to left there you have: David Bradley (editor of SFX), Joe Abercrombie, Justina Robson, Richard Morgan, Chris Wooding, me and Tom Lloyd. And just out of shot on either side of us (you can see a foot from each one) were two huge dogs from Ghostbusters. Nice!

Horror’s hidden treasures

I know I have a tendency to ramble on when I write, but I didn’t realise how bad I sometimes get! When I was asked to contribute to the SFX Collection special mentioned in my previous post, I geeked out and got a bit overexcited and churned out far more words than were required.

Now, in an extremely cool move, Ian Berriman from SFX has posted my ramblings in full on the SFX website, and you can read the piece here.

This in no way excuses you from buying the SFX special, by the way. Not only is it chock full of horror goodness, it also comes with some excellent free gifts. I now have a ‘Slaughtered Lamb’ beer mat which, as An American Werewolf in London has always been one of my favourite films, has pride of place on my desk!

SFX Collection: Horror

The team over at SFX magazine have just unveiled their latest creation. On sale in the UK from tomorrow is the SFX COLLECTION: HORROR – a massive horror collection full of cool features and free gifts. I have a couple of contributions in the ‘Hidden Treasures’ section – a load of horror directors, screenwriters and novelists were asked to reminisce about their favourite lost horror movies and books. I had a blast hunting through my boxes of dusty VHS tapes for the most obscure movies I could find, and it was great watching them again (once I’d managed to find a working video player!). Does anyone else remember such gems as THE ASPHYX, THE MUTATIONS and DEAD AND BURIED…? Why not grab yourself a copy of the SFX Collection and, while we’re on the subject, what are your favourite lesser known horror films? Got any good recommendations for me?

SFX Weekender

Anybody going to the SFX Weekender next month? I’ll be there, and it should be a great event. Let me know if you’re going. There’s still time to book if you haven’t got tickets. You can order direct from SFX or through Seetickets or Play.com. The event takes place at Pontins, Camber Sands on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th February and with guests including Tom Baker, Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons,  and many more, it promises to be a geek’s dream of a weekend!


The French edition of HATER, RAGE, will be published by Milady on 5th June. They’ve put a great piece up about the book on their blog here.

And check out the cover! It’s more frightening than the book! At least I’ll have no problems proving I wrote it if ever I’m in France! Thanks to the team at SFX Magazine for giving their permission for the image to be used. You can order RAGE from Amazon.fr now.