Guest post at SFSignal – The Post-Post Apocalypse

I like SFSignal a heck of a lot. They said lovely things about HATER, DOG BLOOD and THEM OR US when they were released, so I was really pleased to be invited to guest post there today. You can find my piece – about the Post-Post-Apocalypse – online now. Click here to read it.

Obviously, as I pinched the term post-post-apocalypse from the recent Kirkus review, the piece ties in to the release of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH next week. I was fantastically pleased to read another excellent review of AFTERMATH, this time courtesy of STARBURST: “The last few chapters are the greatest yet, and the questions posed stay with you long after the book has been put down… British horror at its absolute best.

I cannot wait for you all to be able to read this book.