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SCREAM issue 32

Scream issue 32
Moody belatedly recommends SCREAM MAGAZINE issue 32 featuring Hammer horror, Fear the Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead and much more...

SCREAM issue 30

Scream issue 30
SCREAM issue 30 is out now. Featuring interviews with Sid Haig, Angus Scrimm, Joe Alves, a JAWS feature and more.

SCREAM issue 29

Scream issue 29
The new issue of SCREAM magazine is out, featuring MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT, IT FOLLOWS, Italian zombie movies, THE WICKER MAN and more.

New issue of SCREAM Magazine

Scream Magazine issue 16
Here's my regular plug... a new issue of SCREAM Magazine came through the door this week, and as usual it's full of good stuff.