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Cross Pollination

As many of you know, I’m a keen advocate of viral marketing. I’m really proud of the fact that in the years I published my books myself through Infected Books, I spent less than £500 in total on publicity. I think I owe pretty much everything to the power of viral marketing.

So, as you can probably imagine, when I was asked by Jeremy Robinson (author of Pulse and Instinct amongst others) to take part in a new viral marketing experiment with a number of other authors, I was pretty keen!

Jeremy has put together a catalogue (which you can download here) which brings together new releases from, amongst others, myself, Scott Sigler, Jonathan Maberry and J A Konrath. The idea is that we each distribute it to our respective readers who, hopefully, will a). be introduced to new books they might not otherwise have come across and b). help spread the catalogue online via Twitter, Facebook etc. etc.

So, if I could ask for your help for a moment, please download a copy of the catalogue, pick a few good books for your summer reading, then pass it on to as many online (or offline) friends, book review blogs, social networking sites etc. as you’re happy to.

Huge thanks in advance from myself and all the other authors involved!

Scott Sigler’s ‘The Starter’

Regular visitors to this site will know that I’m a big fan of Scott’s (in fact, he was kind enough to say this about a a certain new novel being released in early June: “Moody nails what it means to be human by making humans into something else. A brilliant, savage, species-wide look in the mirror.”).

Last year, Scott released THE ROOKIE, and now he’s back with the sequel: THE STARTER. Out in September but available now for pre-order, it’s described as “Star Wars meets The Godfather meets Any Given Sunday” – how can you resist that? From Scott’s site:

It’s high-stakes, win-or-die football action in the far future, as aliens and humans fill positions based on physiology and leave their blood, sweat and tears on gridirons across the galaxy.

Last season, 19-year-old rookie quarterback Quentin Barnes overcame his racism and unified his team. He led the Ionath Krakens to a lower-tier championship, a championship that earns them promotion into the meat grinder known as “Tier One.”

Now, he and the Krakens have to compete against the greatest football teams ever assembled and do far more than just survive each game. As he rebuilds the team in his own image, Quentin’s quest for a Tier One championship begins in THE STARTER.

Scott is again releasing this title independently. Demand will be high, so click the banner below to head over to the site and pre-order.

Scott Sigler’s Rookie Tailgate Tour

Damn fine author (see this post) and marketing genius Scott Sigler is hitting the road for a 20 date bar tour of the US in support of the limited edition hardback release of ‘The Rookie’. Tour dates are as follows:

Set in a lethal pro football league 700 years in the future, Scotts says ‘The Rookie’ combines the intense gridiron action of “Any Given Sunday” with the space opera style of “Star Wars” and the criminal underworld of “The Godfather.” You can find out more about ‘The Rookie’ by clicking here or on the banner below.

Order through Scott’s site and use the coupon code “ALOHA” and get a $3 discount!

Scott Sigler liked HATER!

My wife often says ‘there’s no such thing as coincidence’.

A couple of weeks back I was reading INFECTED by Scott Sigler. For those who don’t know him, Scott has a similar background to me in that he initially built up a readership by giving away his stories for free online. The main difference between us is that Scott has an extremely cool approach where he distributes his books as top-quality, episodic podcasts.

Anyway, while I was reading the book, I got an email from an associate who mentioned that Scott was reading HATER. A few days later, this great review appeared on A very cool review. Thanks, Scott!

I’d been meaning to write this post for some time but I held off for a few days because I didn’t want it to read like a bout of planned mutual backslapping between me and Mr Sigler! The truth of the matter is that INFECTED was a cracking read which I thoroughly recommend. On the face of it, there are similarities between INFECTED and HATER in that both books feature ‘ordinary’ people becoming inexplicably psychotic, but the rest of the stories couldn’t be more different…

Sigler writes with a cool, conversational style which wrong-foots you from the start. It’s like having a good friend promise to look after you, only for them to take you to the darkest, most horrific places you can imagine. Not only that, once you get there they force you to watch everything that’s happening, eyes wide open. No matter how horrific the events in INFECTED become (and that’s pretty bloody horrific, trust me), he doesn’t let you look away for even a second. This is the first book in a long time that I had to take a break from while I was reading to get my head around what had just happened!

But it’s not all blood and guts. Sigler has crafted a cracking story that grips you from the start and doesn’t let up. There are some truly bizarre twists and turns, but they’re handled with a real skill and enthusiasm which carries you along. Extreme gore, intense action, intelligent writing. Magnificent!

Visit and listen to INFECTED, CONTAGIOUS or any of his other novels to see what I mean!