Home – an AUTUMN story – in Russian

The AUTUMN short story HOME has been translated into Russian and appears in this month’s issue of DARKER (Russia’s number 1 horror webzine). I also did an interview with the mag which you can find here.

I’m looking forward to returning to the world of AUTUMN in the near future. It’s been five years since the release of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION and in those years the zombie sub-genre has changed completely. No one was talking about zombies when the first  book hit the shelves in 2001, but now they’re everywhere! wildfortune kaszinó online

Not read the AUTUMN series? This gives me a great opportunity to point you in the direction of www.lastoftheliving.net which will give you all the information you need, along with more than 40 short stories, including HOME. Many of the stories were illustrated by some very talented folks. A gentleman by the name of Michael Dick provided several sketches for HOME, such as this:

The AUTUMN artists – Michael Dick

Rounding off my series of articles on the artists who have kindly provided artwork for www.lastoftheliving.net, is this piece on Michael Dick. Michael contributed a lot of art for the launch of the site back in 2010, providing several illustrations for the short story HOME, the opening scenes of AUTUMN, and AUTUMN: PURIFICATION. I was keen to have a range of different styles on the AUTUMN site, and Michael’s drawings fitted the bill.

Click the link to read more about Michael and to see some of the other images he contributed.

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