Feed the Zombies

Very pleased to be a part of this promotion today, organised by Tim W Long. For one day only you can pick up a whole load of zombie books for your Kindle for just 99c each. AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION is included in the deal. Click here for more information.

feedthezombiesAnd I’m also pleased to announce that from now until Saturday you can pick up the beautiful limited edition hardcover edition of THE HUMAN CONDITION for just £10 from www.infectedbooks.co.uk.

AUTUMN: AFTERMATH – can I have five minutes of your time?

Autumn-Aftermath-9780575091498We’re another step closer to making the AUTUMN: AFTERMATH hardcover from Infected Books (in association with Gollancz) a reality. I now need to get an idea how many people actually want to buy the book in order that I can get to work on the number-crunching. ivermectin study in argentina Could you please spare five minutes to visit this page and complete a very brief survey? There’s no obligation, and no personal details are required.

Thanks in advance. In the meantime, if this is the first you’ve heard of this project, here’s a link to a post which explains more…

If you could let me have your responses by 10 September, I’d be very grateful!

And finally, as I mentioned previously, if you’ve bought one of the limited edition hardcovers of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION, you’ll be entitled to a discount on AFTERMATH. If you haven’t yet picked up THE HUMAN CONDITION, it’s currently on offer at the relaunched Infected Bookstore.

They’re here…

…and they’re beautiful. It’s great to have AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION in print again.


The full delivery is expected from the printer early next week, and pre-ordered books will be dispatched by 28 June.

I need to make an apology to those people who’ve already pre-ordered the limited edition – it seems the confirmation emails didn’t go out as expected. I’ll get that sorted as a matter of urgency. If you’ve received a Paypal receipt, then we’ve got your order and your book is secure.

Limited editions are disappearing fast (huge thanks to everyone who’s already picked one up), but there are still some available and you can order one from www.infectedbooks.co.uk by clicking here.

The official release date is 1st July, but the book is already appearing online. You can order the paperback from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, or The Book Depository, and the ebook is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION – now available to order

autumn_human_conditionI’m very pleased to announce that AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION is now available to order from Infected Books. Weighing in at a whopping 49 stories/part-stories and around 158,000 words, it’s a fitting end to the AUTUMN series and I hope you enjoy it. The official release date is 1st July, but you can secure a copy of the trade paperback or limited edition hardcover now.


Signed and numbered and strictly limited to just 500 copies, the book comes in a beautiful Craig Paton designed jacket. Books will ship by 28th June. It’s likely these will go fast, so if you want to get your hands on a copy, please order one sooner rather than later. Either visit this page or use these links:

UK hardcover orders (£20 + £2 p&p) – click here

European hardcover orders (£20 + £4 p&p) – click here

Rest of World hardcover orders (£20 + £6 p&p) – click here

The paperback edition will be available online at all the usual retailers from 1st July. You can order a signed copy now direct from Infected Books by visiting this page or using the following links:

UK paperback orders (£10 + £1 p&p) – click here

European paperback orders (£10 + £3 p&p) – click here

Rest of World paperback orders (£10 + £4 p&p) – click here

DRM-free Kindle, Nook, iBook, and Kobo versions of the book will be available on 1st July (if not before). I’m trying something new with this release so you have as much choice/flexibility as possible. Basically, if you buy a print copy of the book, you’ll be entitled to download a complementary ebook version. Likewise, if you buy the ebook then decide you’d rather have had a paperback or hardcover, you’ll be able to buy one from Infected Books at a price discounted by the amount you paid for your original ebook. Sound good? There’s a little more about this scheme at this link.

I know this update has been a long time coming, and I apologise. Please check back in the coming days for more updates including a number of HUMAN CONDITION giveaways and competitions.


autumn_human_condition_thumbnailLots of stuff going on behind the scenes to get the limited edition hardcover of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH and the new, expanded edition of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION published. Prices and release dates will be announced in the coming weeks, but today I thought I’d share the contents of THE HUMAN CONDITION with you. It’s turned into a monster – almost 40,000 words longer than the original edition.

The book will be available as an eBook, trade paperback and limited edition hardcover in May from Infected Books. Click here to register your interest (with absolutely no obligation) and click the link below to find out more about the book – the very last piece of the AUTUMN story.
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Happy New Year – want a free book?

A belated Happy New Year all! I hope you had a great time over the holiday period. Back to work now…

Things are likely to be quiet around here for a while as I’m focusing on several new books and other projects I can’t/don’t want to talk about just yet, but I’ll make sure I post as often as I can with updates along with book and film recommendations, details of upcoming appearances, and the like.

Trust hardcoverIn case you missed it, TRUST wrapped up at the end of last month, and the book is now available to read in its entirety at www.trustdavidmoody.com. I’d like as many people as possible to get to read the book while it’s free (it’ll be up for another month at least, maybe longer), so I thought I’d start 2013 with a giveaway. Help spread the word about TRUST and your name will go into a draw to win a copy of the limited edition of the book along with limited editions of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH and AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION when they’re released later this year.

All you need to do is tweet about the book (use hashtag #trustdavidmoody) or post on Facebook (tag me so I catch your entry) before 31st January. Simple. Enter as many times as you like but, as always, no spamming or flaming etc., and my decision is final.

And to celebrate the completion of the serialisation of TRUST, for a limited time you can pick up a copy of the hardcover at a reduced price. Click here for details.

Important announcement – AUTUMN: AFTERMATH hardcover

I promised you some news about the AUTUMN: AFTERMATH UK hardcover, and here it is. First, a little background information.

As you know, the publishing industry is changing rapidly, almost by the day. What was economically viable last month, may not be today. Also, here in the UK, many public libraries are closing or reducing the service they offer.

So what’s all this got to do with the publication of the final AUTUMN book? Quite simply, the market for hardcover editions has vastly reduced. In light of this and other factors, Gollancz has reviewed its policy towards producing hardcovers, and the decision has been taken not to release them for many new books. Can you see where this is going? The team at Gollancz has, regrettably, decided not to publish the AFTERMATH hardcover.

But wait! The folks at Gollancz are great people, and I run a (very) small publishing company, so between us we’ve come up with a solution, and I think you’ll like it.

In early 2013, the UK hardcover edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH will be published by Infected Books.

I’m really excited about this – it feels very right. The Infected Books edition will (hopefully) match the look and feel of the previous hardcovers, so will complete the set nicely. Pricing and ordering details etc. will be announced shortly. I can’t say much else right now, but I guess the major difference I need to make you aware of is that this will be a limited (signed and numbered) edition.

I want everyone to be able to get hold of the book, so I’m opening up a mailing list solely for announcements about the release. If you’re interested, please visit this page and add your email with absolutely no obligation.

Finally, if you pre-ordered the Gollancz hardcover and have been waiting expectantly – I’m sorry. Please cancel your orders and hold tight. Alternatively, if you can’t wait and you want to read the book now, the trade paperback is available from the following: Amazon / Book Depository / Waterstones, and the eBook is available in all the usual formats: Kindle / iBook / ePub / Kobo.

Last chance

Just a quick post to remind you that the 10% discount offer on the limited edition hardcover of TRUST ends this weekend. Please click here to find out more and get your hands on a copy.

And in today’s TRUST update… Tom Winter has his first very close encounter which you can read now at www.trustdavidmoody.com.

I hope you’re enjoying the book. Remember, ebook and paperback editions are available if you want to read the rest of the story now rather than waiting until the end of December!

My appointment with a legend

Have you ever had one of those emails which you read, re-read, then read again, then have to read several more times because you don’t quite believe what you’ve just been told? I received one of those recently, and here’s the result:

On Monday 3rd, September, I’ll be at Waterstones Birmingham New Street where I’ll have the incredible honour of hosting James Herbert’s signing to mark the release of his hugely anticipated new novel, ASH. Mr Herbert will be reading from the book and answering questions.

I’m terrified and excited in equal measure. I grew up reading James Herbert novels, and I’ve cited DOMAIN in particular many, many times as one of the books which most influenced my work and, if I’m honest, one of the reasons I wanted to write horror in the first place. Tickets are £3 (redeemable against a copy of ASH) are available from the store or by calling 0843 2908151. A full report will follow the event.

A couple of other brief bits of news…

It’s Friday, so it’s another TRUST day – chapter 9 is now online. All pre-ordered copies of the TRUST limited edition hardcover have now been shipped. The price will be staying low for another week, so please click this link to order a copy. Alternatively, you can now order the book from eBay.

Have a good weekend!

More TRUST news – early hardcover release and awesome reviews

No need for artists impressions any longer (see my previous post) – the limited edition hardcover of TRUST is on its way back from the printers and here’s a picture of the very first copy. It’s a thing of beauty. Pre-orders have been coming in at a great rate and there’s still time to purchase the book at a 10% discount: click here for more details. More good news for those who snagged a copy early – your books will be dispatched next week, a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

Still not sure? Let Wayne Simmons try and persuade you: “Moody is selling TRUST as an anti-scifi book, and that’s pretty much what you’ve got here. Unlike a lot of contemporary scifi, this story is defiantly character-focused, and heartbreakingly accessible with it. It’s not Hollywood fodder. Think DISTRICT 9 as opposed to INDEPENDENCE DAY. I’ll stand by the word ‘epic’ to best describe this book. is ivermectin horse wormer safe for humans Because from gripping start to heart-pounding finish, this is a story that will shake you to the very core, resonating long after you’ve turned the final page. ivermectina dosis profilactica And there’s nothing more epic than that. does ivermectin treat cocciodosis

And I loved these words taken from an Amazon review by Chris Bowsman: “For the majority of the book it’s a slow burn, obviously building towards something. The payoff is immense, and once it gets going it’s like dozens of pages of falling down the stairs. Very highly recommended.

Wonderful words. Thanks to Wayne and Chris.

And finally, it’s just a short chapter today, but there’s more free TRUST to be had at www.trustdavidmoody.com.