The Black Room Manuscripts Volume Three

I’m very pleased to have a story in THE BLACK ROOM MANUSCRIPTS VOLUME THREE from my friends at THE SINISTER HORROR COMPANY. The profits from this anthology are donated to charity, and this volume features a host of great names. Release date is February 24. The ebook is available to pre-order now, with print links to follow shortly.

My story is an odd little tale about a small-time crook from the Welsh valleys. It’s called NOLAN HIGGS IS OUT OF HIS DEPTH, and it was inspired in no small part by the most recent album from one of my favourite bands. The band is PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING, and the album is EVERY VALLEY. Give it a listen while you’re reading the book. I’ll post again soon and explain why I chose that particular place and point in time to tell grubby Nolan’s story.

Iain McKinnon’s Hair

I’ve met Iain McKinnon (author of Domain and Remains of the Dead) on numerous occasions over the years. Invariably when I’m pointing him out to people, I say something along the lines of “that’s him over there… the one with the dreads”. Not any more.

Iain has announced that he, like me, is going to become a member of the ‘final haircut’ club – i.e. he’s going bald. Unlike me, however, he does have some choice in the matter, and he’s made the excellent decision to have his dreadlocks shaved off for charity on 16th June, in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support.

Please click this link to support Iain. If that’s not enough for you, why not click here and bid for one of his amputated dreads on eBay!