SFX Weekender and Leicester signing report

Well that was an excellent weekend, if a little hectic. I wanted to thank everyone who made both the SFX Weekender and yesterday’s signing at Waterstone’s Leicester Highcross such successful events.

The Weekender was much improved from last year’s inaugural event, and congratulations to the SFX team for putting it together. The highlight for me was the panel I took part in with (from right to left below) Al Ewing (of 2000 AD fame), Sarah Pinborough, moderator Rob from SFX, Kevin J Anderson (author of countless Star Wars, X-Files and Dune books amongst others) and Wayne Simmons. We talked about ‘what scares us in the 21st Century’ in front of a very receptive audience.

David Moody, Wayne Simmons, Kevin J Anderson, Rob from SFX, Sarah Pinborough and Al Ewing at the SFX Weekender 2011

Special thanks are also due to Ben Aaronovitch (currently riding high in the UK bestsellers chart with his new book, Rivers of London) for drawing the short straw and sharing a chalet with Wayne and I.

After a six hour drive home (stopping en route to hassle staff in various branches of Waterstone’s and sign their copies of our respective books), an evening spent watching zombie shorts (have you seen the excellent I Love Sarah Jane?), a few hours sleep, and a ten mile cross country running race (told you it was a hectic weekend), Wayne and I arrived in Leicester for our joint signing at the Waterstone’s Highcross branch.


What a great event. It was extremely cool to meet so many folks (many of whom are members of Moody’s Survivors), and I wanted to thank everyone who came. Particular thanks are due to the ever awesome Steven Caunt for hosting the signing, and to Adele from Un:Bound for covering the event and taking pictures. You can read what she had to say here.

A final few thank you’s: to Wayne for being great company throughout the weekend (congratulations also on surviving a day with my kids!), to Jami Stroka for the T-shirt I wore for the signing, and finally, thanks to Aaron Rayner for the gift shown in the photo opposite. If you read my guest post on Wayne’s site last week, you’ll know how pleased I was to get that!