The eagle-eyed amongst you might have already noticed this, but I’ve added a new page to this site which lists all the films and books I’ve recommended over the years. Head on over to the snappily titled ‘Recommendations’ page now!

And while we’re on the subject, I’ve got another interesting film piece coming up for you tomorrow (hopefully), and I’ve also got another 40 or so movies queued up to watch and review. But I want more! If you’ve got a particular favourite post-apocalyptic movie that you’d like featured on the site, either contact me or leave the name in the comments here or on Facebook or Twitter.



An ever-expanding selection of books and films which have impressed, inspired, excited, or influenced me over the years. Or not.






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  2. Steve Turnock

    Surprised to see ‘The Purge’ on this list. Personally, thought it was a giant pile.

  3. So did I, Steve – I guess in that case the ‘recommendations’ label was misleading! I included it because I wanted to make a point:

  4. Steve Turnock

    Very much agree with this post. ‘Call me Snake’

  5. Can’t get Portrait of a Zombie in the U.S. I’ve been waiting years to see it…

  6. Ryan J. Fleming

    And yet still no By Dawn’s Early Light… lol

  7. Iain McKinnon


  8. Watched it, enjoyed it… just not yet written it up!

  9. James Jobling

    Is that the Day I see lurking down at the bottom? Really enjoyed that movie.

  10. Very interesting movie. Took me a few years to track it down. Check out my interview with director Bing Bailey. He told me there will be a US DVD release in 2014.

  11. No 28 days later????

  12. Joe – just found out the movie is now available in the US – renamed to ‘About a Zombie’:

  13. James.E.Parsons

    Excellent idea, some greats there, plus a few I still need to see

  14. It’s not an exhaustive list, Tracy – I’m adding to it all the time. Of course 28 Days Later will make an appearance!

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