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Spread the Infection

Were any of you here with me right back in those early days a couple of decades ago when I started out? When I first launched my website and posted AUTUMN free online, I used to have the phrases SPREAD THE INFECTION and GET INFECTED plastered everywhere. It did the trick, and everything I’ve achieved in my writing career to date stemmed from the hundreds of thousands of free downloads that followed. As the AUTUMN series rapidly expanded, the books had their own website. You can find the current iteration of that site at www.lastoftheliving.net, but it began life at www.theinfected.co.uk.

Given that the book was about a virus, I think the infection-related approach to marketing really helped. Of course, these days the phrase ‘going viral’ has entirely different connotations. With a nod to the past but with my focus very definitely on the future, I’ve decided to reanimate my disease-based branding for a new project.

Become one of The Infected - exclusive to subscribers to the David Moody newsletter

www.theinfected.co.uk has been relaunched as a new site for members of my mailing list. There you’ll find exclusive free fiction, free books to download and listen to, special offers and opportunities, and much more. It might seem strange having a separate site when I already have this place well established, but there’s a method to the madness that will become clear over time.

Access to www.theinfected.co.uk is free, but you’ll need the password shared in my monthly newsletter. If you’ve not yet signed up, fill in the form below.

Become one of The Infected - exclusive to subscribers to the David Moody newsletter