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Shepherd.com – great book discovery site

Have I told you about SHEPHERD.COM before? It’s a site I’ve been using for a couple of years ever since I was asked to contribute a list. Unlike other sites, that’s how SHEPHERD.COM works – authors submit lists of their favourite books on a theme. My list was the typically cheery THE BEST BOOKS THAT CAPTURE THE INEVITABLE BLEAKNESS OF THE APOCALYPSE.

SHEPHERD.COM is focused on discovering new books. If you like a particular book, SHEPHERD.COM will suggest others with a similar theme. You like a particular author? SHEPHERD.COM will point you in the direction of other writers you might enjoy. Looking for a book that touches upon a particular theme? SHEPHERD.COM might be able to help.

My friend (and co-pilot of THE BLEED) CHRIS PHILBROOK was recently kind enough to include AUTUMN on a list he curated, and that prompted me to recommend the site here. I think SHEPHERD.COM is a great initiative. I’ve spent a lot of time perusing lists and discovering new books as a result. Check it out and let me know how you get on with it.