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My (updated) approach to eBooks

I post about this every couple of years, and I think it’s worth repeating. When you buy a print edition of an Infected Books title, you’re able to download an eBook version of the book completely free. I think that’s only fair.

There are two ways of getting hold of the complementary copies, as shown below. Over the last couple of months we’ve made a lot of changes to the Infected Books store and have automated the redemption process. It’s quick and straightforward, and I hope you’ll make use of it. You’ll find both Kindle and ePub versions in your download, so that should be most eReaders covered.

If you’ve bought a print edition of an Infected Books title direct from www.infectedbooks.co.uk

  1. Check your inbox!
  2. Your receipt should show the available downloads
  3. Click the link and download your files
Infected Books receipt

If you’ve bought a print edition of an Infected Books title from any other bookstore, or you’ve received the book as a gift

  1. Go to the back of your book, and visit the URL shown
  2. Find your book and follow the instructions to find a password
  3. Enter the password and download your book
Infected Books eBook offer

Please have a look at www.infectedbooks.co.uk if you haven’t already. You’ll find the largest range of my books there, available for immediate dispatch. All books are signed, come with a complementary eBook version (see above!), and are at prices lower than most other book stores. And if you’re in the UK, shipping is completely free.