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Last summer I posted here about how I had too many ideas and not enough time. It struck a chord. Judging by the feedback I received from other writers, I know I’m not alone. Most people have a ‘to watch’ list and a ‘to read’ book pile – we also have a ‘to write’ queue! I explained that I was going to take a new approach, because I didn’t want all those ideas to go to waste. I can share the results of that new approach with you today.

12STORIES is a new section of this site. Each month, I’ll be posting an original short story or novella, and I hope you’ll find them interesting. As a writer, I know the value of experimenting and not getting stale. The stuff I post might be top-notch, it might be gutter-level, but I hope it’ll a) entertain you, and b) invigorate me.

As I’ve explained in my introduction to 12STORIES, I don’t know what I’m going to do with any of this stuff. It might be that I use the idea again or expand it. It might be consigned to the virtual waste-bin. Because I want to keep my options open, there will be a maximum of four stories available at any time.

My first effort – OVER AND OVER AND OVER (AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN) – is now available to read. As you’ll read, it has a connection to THE SPACES BETWEEN, the long-gestating science-fiction horror series that I’m hoping to finally start writing proper in 2023.