Straight to You coverExciting times! STRAIGHT TO YOU is officially launched today. As you’ll no doubt already know if you’ve been following my posts over the last few months, this is a completely rewritten version of my debut novel from 1996, and at last I feel like I’ve done the story justice. You can read the first chapter at Wattpad by following this link.

Signed copies of the book are available now from Infected Books, ebay and Want to see how the old and new versions compare? Check out this offer. Paperbacks are also available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, The Book Depository (free shipping worldwide), Hive and Indiebound.

Looking for an ebook version? The relevant links are below, but please remember my objection to people paying for the same thing twice – if you buy the paperback edition of the book, you can download a complementary ebook. Also, buy the ebook first and you can claim a discount on print editions purchased from

For some reason the Kobo links haven’t yet appeared… I’ll update when they’re available.

I hope you enjoy STRAIGHT TO YOU. All reviews, feedback and thoughts are gratefully received. I’m particularly keen to hear from folks who read the original version back in the day – how does the new book stack up?

Enjoy a little gloom-laden apocalyptic romance this Valentine’s Day!

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